Bike Case Repair

This very old hard sided bicycle case has been on many international flights. Finally the original wheels and the two spares provided with the case have all been smashed during heavy handling by airlines. I have fitted four small multi-directional wheels. This makes handling much easier, although it does increase the dimensions slighly so makes it a little harder to fit in some cars. I do not know how these wheels will stand up to the baggage handlers. I may be replacing them after every trip.

The original fasteners were never strong enough to hold the box closed so I fitted webbing strap buckles on top of them years ago. This has proven to work very well. The baggage handlers have only managed to smash one. An easy replacement.

New wheels front and back. These are inexpensive wheels from local hardware shops. Note the replaced hinge as well.

To prevent damage to the plastic case, the nuts cannot be done up too tight, so I used loctite. Use less than I did!

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