Hydraulic motorbike jack to raise front or back wheel.

To work on the front end of a motorbike (e.g. removing the front wheel or removing the shocks) it is necessary to raise the front wheel off the ground. The page shows how to make an attachment for a trolly jack.

Two attachments are made - a low one and a high one for the KTM.

Rear wheel raised.

Front wheel raised.

The 50mm by 100mm blocks are glued and screwed together. The lower block is bolted to the trolly jack. The diameter of the hole through the bottom block is slightly smaller than the bolt so taht when the bolt was screwed through the wood a thread is cut. I then epoxy glued the bolt as I screwed it through so that the nut can be tightened reasonably tight when attaching the blocks to the trolly jack.

Nut at end of bolt holding the blocks to the trolly jack.

Finished motorbike trolly jack. Note the nylon strap that can be used to tie to the bike frame.

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