Motorcycle Work Stand

Jacking up a KTM is easy with a purchased work stand.

Fabricated work stand for a light motorcycle or Vespa scooter. The rear can be raised to a convenient working height by pumping up the scissor jack in the motocross workstand.

Locate the ramp on the ramp mounts. Push the bike up and secure with tie down straps. Use the grab handle to lift the ramp up and rest it on the motocross work stand.

Remember to tighten up the tie down straps once the rear wheel is raised.

Front Wheel Stand

Front wheel stand made from modular shelving units and purchased motorcycle wheel chock.

Wooden chock required for the smaller Vespa front wheel. This is bolted directly into the original motorcycle stand.


Ramp made from a 5 foot plank of 1.5" by 9".

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